Omeprazole will make that fire in your chest the least of your worries.


Also known as Zegerid or Prilosec. Omeprazole is the medicine you need everytime you suffer from indigestion or when you feel your chest burning especially after eating a spicy meal.What this drug does to simply replaces your problem of indigestion with a set of other problems that usually make you forget why you got this drug in the first place. Here are some of its side effects that you should definitely know about:

  • From now on you’ll live in the toilet: diarrhea is one of the Omeprazole side effect that will simply ruin your fun but don’t worry it is still fine…as long as you don’t see blood in your stool, then you should probably call a doctor.


  • From now on you’ll stay wherever you desire, cause your farts will make them storm out: gas is another side effect that will make your day unpleasant for sure but it’s still fine, after all, everyone spreads gas every once in a while.


  • And from now on, you’ll be feeling nauseated: although the drug’s first purpose is to lower your discomfort, however, that will not happen because this is another side effect. You can still avoid this by taking the pill just before your meal.