Can you fall asleep in less than 1 minute?

insomniaDo you suffer from insomnia? You need to do this simple breathing exercise to solve this problem.Deep breathing techniques help you relax
and calm down. According to many researches, these techniques help you getting better sleep. According to Kevin Meechan, the deep breathing techniques encourage the fast removal of carbon dioxide, and help to maintain a proper pH balance.

  • The 4-7-8 Breathing Technique
  • This technique is very simple and it comes from yoga breathing. You only need to follow these five steps:
  • Blow air forcefully from your mouth
  • Breath in from your nose (to a count of 4)
  • Hold your breath (to a count of 7): this will allow oxygen to fill your lungs and circulate in your body, which in turn will produce a relaxing effect in your body.
  • Blow air out from your mouth (to a count of 8).
  • You need to do this to a total of 4 breath cycles.

Is this technique really effective?

According to Gordon, this breathing technique is very useful as it helps you deal with stress and anxiety.You need to practice this technique twice a day for 2 months until you can fall asleep in just 1 minute.