Can Graviola treat cancer? Check it out

sour_sop_fruit_fb 1111Have you ever heard of graviola? Did you know that people are using it to treat several diseases among which cancer? Find out more and read this article!For centuries, graviola has been used to treat different ailments and diseases, including liver disease, asthma, heart problems, arthritis, rheumatic diseases, fever, and diarrhea.

Not only has that but graviola had powerful properties which enable it to treat colon cancer. Studies proved that it had a selective cytotoxic activity on cancer cells of the colon.

Graviola seeds are more effective than “Adriamycin” which has terrible side effects, including life-threatening or even fatal ones in damaging the cardiovascular system. For it destroys both cancer cells and the healthy ones.

Last but not least, studies showed that graviola leaves can cure prostate, pancreas and breast cancer.


So, why trying chemotherapy when we can use graviola?