The best colors to paint a bedroom for a good night’s sleep

Have you ever been somewhere and felt particularly agitated or relaxed?

It may have been the color of the walls affecting your minds and bodies.

You need about seven hours of sleep to be productive. You can increase the chances of getting those by sleeping in a bedroom that is colored blue, green, yellow or orange.

  • Blue Bedrooms painted with blue have relaxing effects, which enhance sleeping.
  • Green Like blue, green shades are also known for their relaxing effects. Green also helps alleviate stress, and instill a sense of safety.
  • Yellow A comfortable, soft yellow improves sleep and allow you to have a good night sleep.
  • Orange Bedrooms painted in orange can make you feel warm and help you recover from disappointment. It allows enjoy a peaceful night.
So what color are you going to use to paint your bedroom?