Effective Japanese method to lose weight

Are you tired of spending piles of money on weight loss pills that don’t provide any results? Then I think it is time to try something new and more efficient.

The Japanese doctor, Dr. Fukucudzi, has found a solution for your problem!

Dr. Fukucudzi has come up with a weight loss method that requires no pills, dieting, or tough workout.

All what you do:

  1. Roll a towel/cloth and fix it using the string
  2. Lie down on a flat surface, and put the towel under your low back, just under the belly button.
  3. Your legs should come to the size of your shoulders, tap the big toes and make certain that the width between your heels is 20 -25cm.
  4. Stay in this position for 5 minutes a day. You will be able to get a tighter stomach and slowly eliminate the fat layers.

What are you waiting for? Try this Japanese method. If it works out, please share this amazing Japanese technique with your friends and family.