She pours a coup of mouthwash into her washing machine… Let’s test the reason why and discover the results!

Doing the laundry is not an especially pleasant task. One must sort the clothes and wait for two hours before hanging your laundry…not to mention possible accidents such as clothes that change colours or which shrink. Here are a few tricks to help simplify washing and to help you relax when you do your laundry.

Keep your jeans looking like new: Soak your jeans in a mixture of one bowl of water and one bowl of salt. In this way, they will keep their colour for a long time. You can also put them it in a freezer bag and place it in the freezer. This will eliminate any smells and will fix the colour.

Do your washing with the machine set at low temperature: In this way you will avoid the clothes from shrinking and the colours from spilling over and changing.

For your clothes to maintain sparkling whiteness:  Add a glass of white vinegar to your rinse water.

For your clothes to regain their bright vibrant colours: Add a coup of salt into the washing machine before rinsing.

If your washing machine is dirty or it smells bad: pour a glass of mouthwash into your empty washing machine and put it through the rinse cycle. It will smell good and clean and so will your clothes.