A Genius Trick to let the Headlights of your Car Shining!

A Genius Trick to let the Headlights of your Car ShiningThere are many parts in your car that you need to take care of. Headlights are not the the solely crucial part  of your car however we cannot ignore it is important.

It has a great role in lighting your way when you are driving. You ought to clean them from time to time.

Some people try to clean the headlights using water. It is useless as it make them obscure.

We are going to provide two ideas to make them shine:

-The first trick is to use baking soda. This is important to turn your car headlights from obscurity to brightness. You need simply these ingredients: soda, white vinegar and liquid soap. When you are cleaning them utilizing this mixture, they will be new.

-The second trick is strange but efficient. It advisable to use tooth powder. You just start rubbing your headlamps with an old brush. Don’t be in a hurry; you need to let them for a few minutes and then dry using a damp rag.